About us

Moj Kiosk Group represents a business system consisting of two entities Moj Kiosk and Centrosinergija, with total number of 3.700 staff members. It belongs to the top five private companies in Serbia.

Moj Kiosk is the biggest retail chain on the territory of Serbia, similar to kKiosk and Relay in Western Europe, made of kiosks and convenience stores, located on the whole territory of the country, with maximum national coverage in 137 municipalities in the country. Guided by the highest international standards, constant business improvement and perseverance in the tradition of purchasing at kiosks, we have deserved the customers’ trust, which means, in fact, over 380.000 customers on a daily basis. Moj Kiosk represents a completely new communication channel with the customers and an innovative form of marketing. It enables further development and a better placement of your brand in direct contact with customers through an upgraded form of advertising and an innovative sales channel.

Centrosinergija offers overall and impeccable services of distribution and logistics, with the aim of meeting the needs of business partners and making long-term business relations with companies, in order to achieve the most efficient placement of goods. We deal with the distribution of printed media, tobacco products, SIM cards, electronic recharge and Bus Plus cards for the public transportation network of Belgrade. Starting from January 12, 2015, Centrosinergija has become distributer of the prestigious tobacco products manufactured by BAT (British American Tobacco) Company.

Moj Kiosk Group represents a high quality and reliable partner in the market, due to its most advanced business principles, technological solutions, innovative approach and sophisticated organization. We are determined to make progress and maintain long term business operations by introducing innovative practices and constant enhancement of business activities in general, as well as by making investments into business partnerships and staff members.