Centrosinergija deals offers complete and impeccable services of distribution and logistics, with the aim of meeting the needs of business partners and establishing long term business relations with as many companies as possible, in order to achieve most efficient placement of goods. We distribute printed media, tobacco products, SIM cards, electronic recharge and Bus Plus cards for the public transportation network of Belgrade. Starting from January 12, 2015, Centrosinergija has become distributer of the prestigious tobacco products manufactured by BAT (British American Tobacco) Company.

Centrosinergija represents a high quality and reliable partner on the market, due to its most advanced business principles, technological solutions, innovative approach and sophisticated organization. By introducing an innovate approach, we offer to our business partners a cheaper and more efficient platform of distribution and logistics.

The Logistics branch

The Logistics branch of Centrosinergija offers services in the field of transportation, packaging, commissioning and storage of goods. Given that the time of traditional logistics and distribution is gone, due to high costs and low efficiency, it is necessary to follow new trends based on lowers costs and higher efficiency. Due to such trend and demands, Centrosinergija launched a new model of logistical platform, which is efficient and modern and reduces the cost of the entire process. With more than one hundred vehicles, we provide the transportation of goods with maximum national coverage in the whole territory of Serbia, every single morning, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, with more than 6 million kilometers of distance covered.